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DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND MY CONTROL, we REGRETTABLY make the following announcement.....


Due to new pricing and othing things, I have made the following post on one of the Live365 Message Boards (DISCLAIMER:  the opinions expressed in the following are STRICTLY MY OWN OPINIONS and therefore DO NOT reflect those of, the Terra-Lycos system, its advertisers, associates, etc...etc...etc)

Hi everyone:

I thought I would NEVER hear myself say this, but after doing some careful thinking, I feel it's THE ONLY thing to do..... :cry:  (Cue Bette Midler - The Rose)

As of June 1st (or whenever Live365 closes the accounts), ALL FIVE of my stations will disappear from the service.  Originally, I had decided to keep my Comedy and music stations up as well as perhaps a dialup version of my Comedy station on what is now The Puck.

But given the latest price increase and (mainly) what Live365 has become, I don't feel I can justify even THAT much.   :cry:

When I signed onto Live365 over three years ago under the username of kpdc, I *thought* I had signed on with a company that was going to be a RADIO Revolution.  Instead, about THE ONLY thing they've revolutionized is the music.  Now don't me wrong, this is a good thing.  HOWEVER, music has proven to be THE ONLY thing which Live365 seems to be interested in.  They don't seem to be interested in putting Audiobooks on (have YOU spotted an audiobook in the library??  I haven't.  Talk about people who'd LOVE to get their works published.  If you wanna talk indie artists, let's include INDIE AUTHORS too.  They're artists too).  They also don't seem to be interested in putting news on (or allowing broadcasters to import it from outside sources either).  They *claim* to have talked with the major sources as well as to Vince Garcia, but BE HONEST guys, YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE BROADCASTER WHO ARE, ARE YOU???   And they seem HELL BENT on doing EVERYTHING in house.

Look at what it's cost them.

They're trying to have their cake AND EAT IT TOO.  A classic example of this is the Ad Free service.  They want to offer listeners the ability to listen to stations WITHOUT having to hear ads, yet BY THE SAME TOKEN, they want people to advertise and sell their products on Live365 via THE SAME AUDIO ADS!!!

WHAT BUSINESS IN THEIR RIGHT MIND IS GOING TO ADVERTISE ON THIS TYPE OF SERVICE?????  The answer is NO ONE.    That is why  we hear NOTHING but Live365's own ads as well as Ad Council PSAs and, if you're lucky, you hear an ad FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S STATION which was produced by that particular broadcaster.

Some could argbue that we've been robbing Live365 blind.  Be that as it may as I'm NOT going to get into an argument over it.  It's just MY opinion.

Betty likes to put a positive spin on the whole thing by say that they're boundly determined NOT to be another (as she often puts it) "Dot Bomb".  But guess what.  THE CLOCK IS TICKING.  THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL.  :cry:

I know I've often said that I'd stick around till the end  :cry:  But as much as I hate to admit it, the end is near.  :cry:  And these pricing changes are a CLEAR indication of this fact.  :cry:

Given this, I have decided to simply let my accounts expire and drop off the system (NOP, I am NOT offering them to other people).  MusicRadio 102X, SportsRadio 101 THE PUCK and the Jeeper Omne Comedy Network WILL go off the air.  Jeeper One Red & Jeeper One Blue Networks will run on a VERY limited basis off the website at (The Flagship Station) until I can get into a better position where I can move them as well as THE PUCK (as one station) over to SHOUTcast. 

How long will MusicRadio 102X and Jeeper One Comedy Network will be off the air, I have no idea.  Hopefully it won't be very long.  But reality may dictate otherwise.  The D.C. area has been waiting more than 30 years for a Major League Baseball team to truly call its own since the Senators left in 1971 and they're STILL waiting.  Hopefully OUR wait won't be as long.  Changes will be made to the MusicRadio 102X website to reflect this ASAP  (Jeeper One Comedy Network has no website).

I hope to have one last "sayonarrah" LIVE broadcast on 102X before I bow out of the broadcast spotlight on Live365.  I hope to have it this Saturday Night @ 9 p.m. ET (I owe my listeners AT LEAST that much), however if action is taken before then, oh well.  Life goes on. 

Hopefully both 102X and Jeeper One Comedy Network can return to the airwaves BIGGER, BETTER (and in the case of Jeeper One Comedy Network - BADDER) than ever someday when the Internet is embraced by the record labels as something more positive than a huge "money pie" in which it MUST get its dirty, greedy little hands on.

Well anyway....I could go on and on, but I've just run out of things to say.  I've said just about EVERYTHING I could say to convince Live365 that they need to change.  And ALL of my words seem to have fallen to DEAF EARS.  Ain't no sense in talkin' to A BRICK WALL.

Like I said before, I'll still be around as a listener and I'll still make noise in the Community (that is unless I'm banned from doing the latter).  I just won't have a broadcast here.  For those who are sticking it out, I wish you all the best of luck.  And if Live365 insists I still owe 'em the $50 for this month, I'll send 'em a MO next month.

I wish it wouldn't have come down to this, but it did.  :cry: (Cue "The Day The Music Died)  But life WILL go on.

May the force be with you.... 

Cheers for now....

Patrick Cook
Program Director
Proud Member - Electronic Frontier Foundation -
Jeeper One Red Network -
KPDC Internet TV - REAL Web TV
MusicRadio 102X -
Jeeper One Blue Network - (24K Mono Dialup)
Jeeper One Comedy Network - (Broadband)
Denver, Colorado
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