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Is YOUR Computer Safe?  Do you think you need to buy special "security software"?  You'd be surprised at the number of people who do.  As a result, we here at KPDC Internet Radio, KPDC Internet TV & MusicRadio 102X have found what WE believe is a GREAT way to put the security of OUR PC to the test.

Are THESE your folders on YOUR Hard Drive?  YOU BET THEY ARE.  But DO NOT be alarmed.

It is only an HTML (with javascript) PROGRAMMING TRICK that many so-called "Security Software" Websites use to make you THINK that ANY website can see your drive and manipulate your files.  The simple fact is they CANNOT!!!

NO ONE BUT YOU - AND ONLY YOU - CAN SEE THEM!!!  And even then, it's ONLY on YOUR monitor.

The script used for this, however, does READ & ACCESS your C:\ Drive, BUT THAT IS ALL IT DOES!!!  The contents of your drive aren't saved nor seen by anyone, anywhere EXCEPT YOU!!!

However, there ARE SCUMBAG websites which try to convince you that you need "Privacy Protection" softwarfe and, naturally in turn, will recommend that you download the software being peddled on the website.  Some of this so-called "privacy" software is really in fact SPYWARE which allows the company who designs the software to monitor where you go on the Internet and the types of files you download so THEY can SPAM your email with USELESS JUNK which only puts $$$ in THEIR greedy little pockets.

So now, if you "fail" this "security test", you will already be all the more wiser.  Again folks, this is NOTHING more than an HTML (with javascript) PROGRAMMING TRICK and NONE  of your personal data is being seen nor is being saved by ANYONE, ANYWHERE EXCEPT YOU!!!

NOTE:  This page is for DEMO PURPOSES ONLY!!!   It is NOT an interface for computing on YOUR system.

If you STILL aren't convinced, then why not visit one such website which uses this trick to peddle their software onto you.  Just click the arfrow below.

STILL NOT CONVINCED??? Download the source code (the zip file below) and see for yourself...

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